City to blame for its own water woes

Rapid growth in Chilliwack is to blame for water problems

The city councillors are angry about Fraser Health’s order to chlorinate our drinking water?   I don’t think they have the right to be angry seeing as it is their own actions or lack thereof that have brought this about through the uncontrolled growth of this community.  What did they think would happen due to the increased demands on the water system?

Angry they may be, but I think they are mad in their failure to predict the future.  My late husband’s definition of a criminal was, “A person who could not accurately predict the future outcome of their present time actions.”  Even numerous empty houses sitting on the market the councillors still push through more development and building permits.  Three-storey houses are being turned into small apartment rentals even as more are being built on a daily basis.  Such “single” family homes are putting even more of a burden on Chilliwack’s water supply.

If the water was worth protecting why didn’t they do it?

It is too late now because Fraser Health does have the authority to act and will. Council had the ability to act and failed to do so.  The outcome was inevitable.

Terry MacKinnon