BC Liberals don’t have real ‘conservative’ credentials

Chilliwack MLA John Les blames the BC Conservatives for the NDP win in Chilliwack-Hope. Maybe he should blame himself and his party.

Chilliwack MLA John Les blames the BC Conservatives for the NDP win in Chilliwack-Hope.  “Boo hoo!”  Maybe he should blame himself and his party.

Maybe he and his party should have listened to British Columbians, instead of dictating and fighting against their wishes, i.e. the HST and carbon taxes.

The BC Liberals no more have a divine right to govern, than did the Socreds, the federal Progressive Conservatives or Liberals. If Christy Clark wants to re-brand her party as the “free enterprise coalition” she will need to pay attention to the conservatives in this supposed “coalition.” You cannot sell carbon taxes to rural voters who have no transit options. You cannot behave like the typical, “we-know-what-is-best-for-you” elitist party of the left-Liberals, and then expect populist support.

Perhaps Christy Clark should learn from her counterpart in Alberta, a real conservative populist party leader, Danielle Smith of the Wildrose Party. With mayors of the province’s two largest cities calling on Smith to denounce two of her candidates who allegedly made controversial politically-incorrect statements, Smith said she refuses to throw anyone “under the bus.”

The “crazies” as the establishment types refer to them, like it or not, represent the core of the movement.  Stephen Harper and his Reform members would never have become government, if they didn’t transmogrify themselves into the respectable Conservatives.

But Christy Clark is no Stephen Harper.  Deep down, she is a Liberal.  Harper is not, never was.  She is no Danielle Smith either, that is why she will never be able to successfully lead a “free enterprise coalition,” her heart is not in it, and she has more in common with federal New Democrats and Liberals.

So John Les can look for a scapegoat in the BC Conservatives, John Cummins, a former federal Reform and Conservative MP, who fought against native-only fisheries, and John Martin, the only candidate who was against carbon taxes this side of metro Vancouver, but we can all hear the band playing, and the Titanic is going down!


Quinn Mebesius

Agassiz, BC