Another fabulous event for Chilliwack

The third annual Chilliwack Connect earns praise for its efforts to help those in need.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an all day event (Chilliwack Connect, Oct. 13) at First Ave. Christian Assembly church. This event celebrates and offers tangible support to those in our community who are struggling to make ends meet.

Fabulous food was served starting with a nutritious breakfast that got people off to a great start.

Many volunteers offered their time and talents to bring a smile to many faces with pedicures,haircuts, portraits,prizes,clothing, and tables brimming with lots of great, free stuff.

This event is anticipated for many months by those who benefit from such a great community event.

In talking with people at a local shelter,I consistently have heard people say they wish they could afford the services of a chiropractor or massage therapist.

But there is no way that cost can be absorbed in their budget.

It was great to see and hear how the many aches and pains were attended too by a local chiropractor offering their services for nothing more than a smile. I was touched First Avenue church opened their building to the community, I can only imagine how much time went into the clean up.

It was humbling to enter the sacristy and see people having haircuts and pedicures in this place of worship, now that’s an open and apostolic church.

As a fellow community member, I thank all of you for helping to make Chilliwack a place of inclusion and hope.

Anne White