Act of kindness restores faith

My faith in Chilliwack and humanity has been restored. Since moving here in July 2010, my family has had our house broken into, our yard vandalized, our truck broken into and then later stolen. This has been an emotional and financial burden on us and we were starting to feel a bit depressed.

Then something wonderful happened. On a Saturday at lunch time, I was with my three small children at the Yale Road McDonald’s, and my bank card wouldn’t work. I was truly embarrassed. As I was about to tell my children that we would have to come back another time, a woman stepped out of the line and handed the clerk her bank card.

I was stunned; my bill was for just over $20. I thanked the woman and asked her for her name so that I could pay her back, she simply told me to enjoy our lunch.

I promised her that I would pay the act forward. I was deeply moved by the act, as was the clerk dealing with my order. This small act of kindness was a very big act to me and my family.

So, Chilliwack, we need to be grateful that we live in a community with people like this. Thank you so much!

Theresia Reid