A call for Cultus Lake democracy

Cultus Lake residents are asking for a democratic election process.

RE: “Senate election bill ‘political posturing,’ says NDP house leader” (Chilliwack Progress, March 8).  A renewed call this week for elected senators by Chilliwack MLA  John Les. In in his bill, called the Senate Nominee Election Act, he states “I think British Columbians will enjoy having access to a democratic process,” instead of the current appointment process that’s vulnerable to political manipulation.  He is referring to the non-elected imbalance of the number of B.C. senators compared to other provinces with smaller populations.  He goes on to say, if there is no process in fixing the imbalance and if that imbalance is going to continue, then we do not want to continue dignifying it with the election of senators.”

This sounds similar to the situation at Cultus Lake Park, where residents are asking for a democratic election process.  We have an imbalance of the number of Park Board members; five elected  by Chilliwack compared to two by the residents of Cultus Lake Park.  If MLA John Les and his government are so concerned about the lack of a democratic process in the selection of  the Senate, I would assume that they would be more than willing to bring a democratic process to Cultus Lake Park by amending the Cultus Lake Park Act which is with in their powers.

I would like to know when he and his government are going to amend the Cultus Lake Act to bring about a democratic process to Cultus Lake Park Board so that those elected are accountable to whom they govern.  If he feels so strongly about having a democratic process for an elected office, I ask him to sign my petition at  www.ipetitions.com/petition/cultuslake


Gary Lister