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City of Chilliwack: Bylaw 2024, N0.5388


Public Notice is hereby given that City Council intends to adopt “Highway Closure and Removal of Dedication Bylaw 2024, No. 5388”, at the Regular Council meeting to be held on July 2, 2024. This Bylaw will allow for the closure of a portion of highway running between Gore Avenue and Princess Avenue, that is no longer required for lane purposes. The intent of this notice is to allow Council to receive input from all persons who believe their interest in the property is affected by the proposed highway closure and removal of lane dedication.

1. That the portion of highway dedicated as lane on Plan 1737, contained within the area outlined in heavy black linage on Reference Plan EPP127238 to accompany City of Chilliwack “Highway Closure and Removal of Dedication Bylaw 2024, No. 5388”, prepared by CorneliusW. Kerkhoff, BC Land Surveyor, dated April 16, 2024, and as shown on the plan below, is hereby stopped up and closed to traffic of all kinds.


2. A copy of the proposed “Highway Closure and Removal of Dedication By law 2024, No. 5388” will be available upon request by contacting the Legislative Services Department at 604.793.2986 or by email to

3. Enquiries regarding this matter may be directed to Leah Knutson, Property Manager, at 604.793.2784 or by email at


Jacqueline A. Morgan, CMC

Corporate Officer

About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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