Trustees election expenses released

Twelve of Chilliwack's 13 school board trustee candidates file financial paperwork for first deadline

Twelve of the 13 Chilliwack school board candidates have filed their financial disclosure statements in time to avoid a fine.

Candidates for school, municipal and regional elections, held Nov. 15, had to file their papers by Feb. 13 at 4:30 p.m., listing items such as expenses and contributions. Such documents are required 90 days after each election. Candidate Karen Conway did not meet the deadline, and is now subject to the obligatory $500 fine and a new deadline of March 13.

Of those who filed, the expenses declared range from about $20 to more than $6,700.

Scanned copies of the financial statements are available at


Paul McManus: $6,729.93 (5,007 votes)

Dan Coulter: $5,103.44  (6,131 votes)

Walt Krahn: $4,501.00 (6,780 votes)

Barry Neufeld: $1,928.83 (6,328 votes)

Silvia Dyck: $1,590.88 (5,738 votes)

Martha Wiens: $551.92 (4,540 votes)

Heather Maahs: $282.51 (4,649 votes)

Also ran:

John Henry-Harter: $1,742,55 (4,384 votes)

Ben Besler: $1,393.31 (3019 votes)

Karen Jarvis: $605 (4,102 votes)

Marion Mussell: $500 (3,772 votes)

Rob Stelmaschuck: $21.82 (1,843 votes)

Not filed:

Karen Conway  (2,120 votes)