Trustee candidate: Karen Jarvis

School District 33: Jarvis, Karen – Trustee candidate: Jarvis looks to build partnerships

Karen Jarvis

Karen Jarvis

Involvement with Parent Advisory Committees, the Chilliwack District Parent Advisory Committee as well as sitting as a public member with the Chilliwack Healthier Community, has given Karen Jarvis the opportunity to serve within the community. “I care about my community and understand the importance of investing in others,” states Jarvis.

While leadership requires good communication, an ability to validate the concerns of others and a desire to focus on solutions, Jarvis is not afraid to be a servant amongst the people.

As a club director and community coach, Jarvis enjoys investing time and energy in athletes and the coaching staff. “Relationship building is a must in order to push athletes to do their best.  The same can be said for success in the school district. Focusing on relationships first will aid in implementing change and create a positive learning environment.”

Having attended most school board meetings over the past seven years, Jarvis would like to engage in conversation with educators and families and discuss class composition. “This topic is just not going to go away,” she says.

Jarvis strongly believes that a solution based focus would be more productive than only focusing on the problem.  “This dialogue would support the Special Education Review recommendations that were presented to the board in 2013 and could improve conditions surrounding class composition.”

“Direction should not only come from the top down. We must listen to those in the field and work in partnership in order to improve student success.”

I look forward to the opportunity of serving as a School Trustee.