The Progress’ ultimate election guide

Don't know who to vote for? What candidates believe? Or where to vote? Check out this guide.

In these last few hectic days of a very tight election race, we’ve made sense of chaos to help you better decide who to vote for. Check out the issues stories, candidate profiles, and voting logistics below.

What is important to you? Here are the candidates on some local issues.

Economic growth: Candidates talk economic growth

Education: Education issues split Chilliwack candidates

Environment: Candidates face off over water issues and WaterWealth issues candidate report card

Transit: Candidates lay out visions for mass transit in the Valley

Don’t know much about candidates beyond the names on the election posters? Here are their bios.

In the Chilliwack riding:

Patti MacAhonic, NDP candidate for Chilliwack

John Martin, B.C. Liberal candidate for Chilliwack

Chad Eros, B.C. Conservative candidate for Chilliwack

Kim Reimer, Green Party candidate for Chilliwack

Michael Halliday, B.C. Excalibur Party candidate for Chilliwack

In the Chilliwack-Hope riding:

Gwen O’Mahony, NDP candidate for Chilliwack-Hope

Laurie Throness, B.C. Liberal candidate for Chilliwack-Hope

Michael Henshall, B.C. Conservative candidate for Chilliwack-Hope

Ryan McKinnon, independent candidate for Chilliwack-Hope

Don’t know where to vote or what your riding is? See this guide.

Here are some other election stories you might find helpful:

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Candidates urged to take a stand on incineration

Student Vote BC gives lesson in democracy

Candidates make pitch to voters of tomorrow

Chuck Strahl denies Liberal party work

Attack ads draw spending complaint from Chilliwack MLA John Les

Advance polling shows growth

Chilliwack to keep tight rein on campaign signs

List of all-candidates’ debates