Jack Foreman (left)

Jack Foreman (left)

Students choose Greens and NDP

Were it up to local grade school students, the Green Party and NDP would have won in Chilliwack ridings.

Were it up to local grade school students, Green Party candidate Kim Reimer would have won in Chilliwack with 30 per cent of the vote, and NDP incumbent Gwen O’Mahony would have retained her seat in Chilliwack-Hope with 35 per cent.

In the two ridings, 2,477 students from 28 schools voted in a mock election, part of a program by Student Vote, a national non-profit that promotes civic education among youth. In the lead-up to casting ballots on May 13, students learned about the various levels of government, the candidates and parties running in this election, and where contenders stood on some local and provincial issues.

Although the students failed to predict this year’s stunning Liberal victory, they aligned with the grown-ups on one point: Neither the students nor the adults granted seats to the B.C. Conservatives.

At A.D. Rundle Middle School, where 222 students cast ballots, the NDP came in first, with the Green Party a close second.

Chilliwack Central Elementary students seemed taken with the gallant message of the B.C. Excalibur party, electing the party to lead the province.

And at Mt. Slesse Middle School in the Chilliwack-Hope riding, 205 voting students elected the NDP, with the Liberal Party in official opposition.

Provincially, nearly 100,000 students elected the BC NDP, granting them 54 legislature seats and 39 per cent of the vote. The Liberals received 20 seats, and the Green Party 8 seats.