Signs go up around Chilliwack to prevent trash dumping

New anti-dumping signage was rolled out Tuesday morning by City of Chilliwack and Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance

City of Chilliwack worker Todd Rutledge installs a new anti-dumping sign near Pegleg bar in Chilliwack Tuesday morning.

Garbage dumpers around Chilliwack can no longer plead ignorance.

New anti-dumping signage was rolled out Tuesday morning by City of Chilliwack and Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance to try to curb the deleterious practice.

The signs advise the public to call in thoughtless dumpers and polluters by using the RAPP line.

“The idea behind these signs is to send a clear message that this community won’t tolerate illegal dumpers fouling up the recreational areas that its members love to enjoy,” says Fraser Riverkeeper Joe Daniels.

The signs, designed by Fraser Riverkeeper on behalf of the Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance, with support from BC Hydro, are being installed at Pegleg Bar, Jesperson Boat Launch, Rosedale Bar, and Old Orchard Boat Launch.

The first one went up Tuesday morning at Pegleg.

“Providing information about places where people can dispose of their waste legally means dumpers can no longer plead ignorance as an excuse for their behaviour, while the CO Service RAPP hotline gives community members the tools they need to report illegal dumping whenever and wherever they see it.”

The sign lists The RAPP line number (Report All Poachers and Polluters) at 1-877-952-RAPP, as well offering the locations of waste disposal sites, including the Bailey Landfill, Parr Road Green Depot, and Chilliwack and Sardis Bottle Depots, where community members and visitors can dump their garbage legally.

This updated signage is part of an ongoing campaign by the anti-dumping alliance which has already succeeded in increasing the number of reports to the RAPP hotline, according to conservation officer Steven Jacobi, in a recent interview with the Progress.

Consisting of representatives from the BC Conservation Officer’s Service, the City of Chilliwack, the Chiliwack-Vedder River Cleanup Society, Fraser Riverkeeper, the Fraser Valley Regional District, the Fraser Valley Salmon Society, and Woodtone; the alliance was founded last year to help combat illegal dumping activity in the Heart of the Fraser.

Stay tuned for a clean-up and volunteer appreciation BBQ hosted by the Chilliwack-Vedder River Clean-Up Society to celebrate BC Rivers Day on Sunday, September 27 at the Chilliwack Fish and Game Club House (48685 Chilliwack Lake Road).