Search and Rescue locates lost hikers

A family of four got lost on Vedder Mountain Saturday night, and required the services of Search and Rescue to get home safely.

Chilliwack Search and Rescue successfully plucked a family of four off Vedder Mountain last Saturday after they got lost in the wilderness.

A mom, dad and two children went for a day hike, but got lost on the way back to their car.

Thankfully, they had a cell phone with service, and at 8:06 p.m. they called the police for help.

The Summer Policing Unit responded first, but they quickly realized they needed SAR expertise to get the family off the mountain. SAR took nearly two hours to find them.

The family was very appreciative and thankful of the efforts of the SAR team,” said Cst. Gary Parrish of the Summer Policing Unit. “These volunteers can always be counted on, and they give selflessly of their time. We certainly appreciate what they do!”

Parrish said the incident should serve as a reminder to be prepared, even when heading out on short and seemingly harmless hikes.

Stay on marked trails and bring food, water, clothing and a cell phone with you,” he advised. “And ensure that you tell someone where you are going, and when you are expected back.”