Scoodies provide warmth to makers and wearers

Women from the Fraser Valley Institution in Abbotsford have made 100 'scoodies,' which were distributed to charitable groups in Chilliwack.

RCMP Inspector Davy Lee (left) tries on a 'scoodie

RCMP Inspector Davy Lee (left) tries on a 'scoodie

With Christmas just around the corner, local outreach organizations were offered some additional warmth.

Inspector Davy Lee of the Chilliwack RCMP and Acting Warden Sheri Schwaerzle of the Fraser Valley Institution For Women in Abbotsford spent the morning of Dec. 10 visiting the Cyrus Centre, Ruth and Naomi’s Mission and the Salvation Army.

They provided these charitable organizations with nearly 100 ‘scoodies’ for distribution among their clients.

The scoodie is essentially a hoodie, scarf and hand-warmer combined. They are tailored by the women at the Fraser Valley Institution, who have been producing scoodies for distribution in Vancouver, Mission and Chilliwack for three years.

“Scoodies are made from remnant material used to produce blankets and provides a means for our women to give to the community,” said Acting Warden Sheri Schwaerzle

The female offenders who produce them gain valuable skills and positive work habits in doing so, and it’s a great way to contribute value to people in need in surrounding communities.

The scoodies have the added benefit of utilizing hundreds of pounds of scrap fabric that would otherwise end up as waste in our our landfill.

“With the inclement weather we receive over the winter the RCMP in Chilliwack are proud to support this worthwhile initiative,” said Inspector Davy Lee.

Every act of kindness is appreciated, particularly during the holiday season.