Road rehab tender for Chilliwack accepted at just under $2.3 million

Chilliwack received two tenders this year for base and provisional road work

It’s time for some road rehab on Chilliwack streets.

Council awarded the 2018 Asphalt Rehabilitation tender to All Roads Construction for just under $2.3 million.

There were only two tenders submitted, one from All Roads for $2.3 million and BA Blacktop, at $3.3 million.

Coun. Sam Waddington noticed the $1 million difference in the tenders sent by the two paving companies, and he asked why the city was receiving so few tenders.

Rod Sanderson, deputy director of engineering, noted that like Coun. Waddington, engineering staff “could not recall” a time they had ever seen such a big spread.

Part of the reason why there might have been only two prices is that there’d been some consolidation taking place in the industry, Sanderson added, with fewer paving companies operating in the Lower Mainland than there once were.

Coun. Waddington also mentioned past challenges with the last paving contractor, and asked staff what the city had learned from the experience.

Sanderson said if the “work does not meet expectations, we do not pay for it.” Not only is this an effective approach, and one that’s been used before, “it’s our only tool.”

The base contract has a list of 22 road rehabilitation projects that will go ahead in the coming months, based a survey focused on roads in the worst condition.

The Cycle Plan recommended several “quick win” projects and the tender includes three of those bicycle-related infrastructure improvements.

A comprehensive survey to rate the road work required was conducted by Stantec in the late summer of 2017, and minor drainage and curb and gutter improvements will be made adjacent paving projects “where significant deterioration has occurred or upgrades are required,” according to the staff report.

Staff explained the city has applied for funding under the provincial BikeBC program which could offset the cost of the bicycling-oriented projects by up to 50 per cent.

Provisional projects ($812K+) will only proceed once all the base work is complete ($2.3M ) and sufficient funding is confirmed. Projects not completed in 2018 will be carried forward into 2019.

Base work projects for 2018 include:

Majuba Hill – Abbotsford Bdy to Robinson Asphalt Rehabilitation $229,252.21

Promontory – Vedder to Tzeachten Hall Asphalt Rehabilitation $161,432.37

Teskey – Promontory to Jinkerson Asphalt Rehabilitation $102,844.98

Elk View – Ryder Lake to curve – Paving Asphalt Rehabilitation & Reinforcement $285,597.03

McGuire – Gibson to east end Asphalt Rehabilitation $160,076.42

Gibson – Prairie Central to TCH Asphalt Rehabilitation $151,687.63

Young – Airport to Brooks Asphalt Rehabilitation $124,531.64

Hocking – Yale to Young Asphalt Rehabilitation $100,274.02

Yale – Hodgins to Main Asphalt Rehabilitation $36,307.09

Corbould – Spadina to Wellington Asphalt Rehabilitation $72,961.97

Bailey Landfill – Compost Building Apron & Access Paving $110,805.98

Portage – Hazel to Menzies Asphalt Rehabilitation $105,779.42

Yale – Banford to Meadowlands Asphalt Rehabilitation $90,873.19

Kenswood – Kenswood to Timberline Asphalt Rehabilitation $15,088.64

Old Yale – Yale to N. end park Asphalt Rehabilitation $58,490.65

Southlands at City Hall Parking Construction $64,798.80

Camp River – Reeves to Standeven Asphalt Rehabilitation $88,884.25

Elk View – Ryder Lake to Huston Asphalt Rehabilitation $213,330.92

City Hall – Employee Parking Lot (East) Parking Maintenance $33,252.21

Watson – Garrison to Miller Cycle Plan “Quick Win” $21,771.54

Vedder Middle School Cycle Plan “Quick Win” $50,946.35

Young at Berkeley Cycle Plan “Quick Win” $8,831.88


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