Risk of thunderstorm could spell trouble for Party in the Park

Chilliwack's favourite downtown summertime event could be cancelled due to forecasted rain

Mini golf is just one of the free activities set up for families at Party in the Park.

Mini golf is just one of the free activities set up for families at Party in the Park.

You picked a fine time to rain, Mother Nature.

The fate of this Friday’s Party in the Park will be completely dependent on just how much rain falls Friday morning, Kyle Williams, executive director of the Downtown BIA said Thursday afternoon.

And at that point, it wasn’t looking too good.

“If it’s going to rain the way it says it’s going to rain, we’ll have to cancel,” he said. “But at this point, all we have to go on is the forecast.”

The last Party in the Park was also cancelled due to rain. Half of the July’s 44 mm of precipitation fell on July 24. While it was much needed, it also made it difficult for the sound crew to set up their electrical equipment. And, with so much rain, attendance would have been down drastically.

While Williams and the rest of the BIA staff and volunteers are keeping their fingers crossed for this week’s event, he said the public can watch their website or Facebook page for a cancellation notice around noon on Friday. He said vendors and performers will be apprised of the potential cancellation tonight.

They need to make the decision early in the day to give enough notice performers and vendors who are packing up and traveling to downtown Chilliwack.

If the party is a go, performers will be the Creative Outlet, the Hornets, the Rub, Lounge Hounds, Common Ground and Witchita Trip. The theme colour people can wear will be green. The final date for Party in the Park is next Friday, Aug. 21.