Reveen returns to continue the legacy

Ty Reveen carries on the family legacy of phenomenal and hilarious hypnotic shows, coming to the Cultural Centre March 10.

Ty Reveen carries on 'The Great Reveen' family legacy of phenomenal and hilarious hypnotic shows. He brings the show to the Cultural Centre March 10.

Ty Reveen carries on 'The Great Reveen' family legacy of phenomenal and hilarious hypnotic shows. He brings the show to the Cultural Centre March 10.

He was known to millions as “Reveen,” but to Ty Reveen, he was, “dad.”

And now, this next-generation magician and hypnotist is following in his famous father’s footsteps with Reveen: The Legend Continues.

The original Peter Reveen entranced audiences worldwide for almost five decades with his high-speed memory games, lighthearted hypnotisms and mystical showmanship.

The high-haired, tuxedo-clad magician and hypnotist sold out shows regularly throughout the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s.

Ty Reveen grew up with the sleight of hand and illusionary arts most children only see at birthday parties. His father brought he and his three brothers on stage every chance he got. And Ty loved it.

“I was told at the age of five that I would one day take over his show,” Ty said. “It was probably because I looked a lot like him, but also because I was passionate about what he was doing.”

Peter retired in 2008 and later passed away in 2013, but not before teaching his son Ty everything he knew.

Touring with his dad from age 15, Ty spent nearly 30 years learning the history and tools of the hypnosis trade. Although he took a break for some time to pursue stage and special effects design, he returned to carry on the family tradition as his father edged closer to retirement.

“It was time to fulfill my destiny,” he had realized. “Even though I knew I was stepping into monster-sized shoes.”

But he was well-prepared, having learned from the best.

Peter had always encouraged his kids to harness their powerful minds and amazing imaginations, and Ty took that to heart.  He watched in amazement as his father’s career unfolded before his eyes, from humble hometown beginnings, through growing venue and crowds, right down to his final, prideful performances in 2008.

“He dedicated his life to building a greater understanding of the human mind,” Ty said of his father. “And I learned it all and developed those skills by being there, by his side, for thousands of shows.”

Ty’s knowledge was put to the test for a formal Vegas audition in 2011, in front of his parents and the country’s top magicians. Upon his success, his father officially passed down the tuxedo, and Ty has been headlining professional hypnosis shows ever since.

“It’s been fantastic and very well received,” he said of his many shows to sold out audiences and standing ovations in recent years.

“It’s just like when I was touring with [my Dad], but now I’m standing in the spotlight.”

Although he’s showing off his own unique personality and talent, Ty’s shows are highly reminiscent of his father’s.

Firstly, they’re authentic. “This is the real thing,” Ty said. “These aren’t fabricated gimmicks. Real people are invited on stage and – through a series of positive suggestions – are guided into a deep state of relaxation.”

In that state, ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things, liberated from their fears and inhibitions.

Furthermore, he doesn’t stray from his father’s ethical philosophy. While many of his hypnosis competitors put on degrading, sexual innuendo-filled shows, Ty ensures that his are family-friendly and fun.

Reveen shows continue to offer silly hilarity and incredible intrigue to widely diverse crowds across the country, but this upcoming tour across B.C. is a homecoming of sorts.

After all, it was Chilliwack where the Reveen family first immigrated to from Australia. Peter performed his first Canadian shows in our city, and Ty (who currently calls New Brunswick home) is very much looking forward to returning to the city where his father launched his career.

“Even though I miss him dearly, I know my Dad is with me every night on stage… encouraging me to be the best that I can be, as he always did throughout my entire life.”

See the magical Reveen reputation live on through a second generation. Ty Reveen brings the “Superconscious Experience” to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre on March 10 at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are $45 and are available online at, 604-391-7469 or at the Centre Box Office (9201 Corbould St.)

Visit to learn more and see video of the shows.