The District Public House

The District Public House

Pub still closed but not because of stabbings, says owner

It might take weeks before the District Public House is reopened in downtown Chilliwack

District Public House in downtown Chilliwack was still locked up tight on Tuesday.

There was no estimate when the popular pub at Five Corners will be able to re-open to the public.

The upstairs section at the District was the scene of a terrible incident on Sept. 29, when two male patrons were stabbed, leaving one seriously injured. But that’s not what’s at issue.

“I am in the process of buying out some investors and the pub will remain closed until that process is completed,” District co-owner Brad Stuart told The Progress.

“The stabbing incident is not the reason for the recent closure, even though it has had an extremely traumatic impact on the business, as well as on myself and the staff personally,” Stuart said.

It’s not clear at this moment when they’ll be able to reopen, but they are asking for patience from customers as it gets worked out.

“It might take several weeks to complete this deal. I’m working on it everyday. I really want to thank our customers and the community for their continued support,” he said.

“The reputation of the great food, service, craft beer and entertainment will be protected and maintained if we are closed during this process.”