Police dog in Chilliwack finds missing high-risk senior

An elderly woman with Alzheimer's who walked away from her home on South Sumas Road in Chilliwack was found quickly by police dog Cargo.

  • Jul. 13, 2012 8:00 p.m.
Within half an hour of the search beginning

Within half an hour of the search beginning

It took Cargo less than 30 minutes to save the day.

The police dog managed to track a missing elderly woman from her home in the 44000-block of South Sumas Road, to an adjacent property and wooded area, in record time Thursday night.

Police dog handler Const. Mike Jordan and Cargo of the Lower Mainland District Integrated Police Dog Service arrived on-scene with other officers after 11 p.m.

A man reported that his wife, who has Alzheimer’s, had been missing from their home for up to two hours that night.

They started from the residence and got a track on the scent fairly quickly.

“Our police dogs and their handlers provide an invaluable service to us,” said RCMP Const. Tracy Wolbeck.

“Cargo and his handler were able to locate a high-risk missing person in a very short period of time and prevented any harm that could have come to this women because of how quickly they were able to expedite the search.”