Plane crash hero to be recognized by City of Chilliwack

Shawn Nagurny of Chilliwack recognized for "heroic and selfless" actions after a plane went down last November near his office.

A Chilliwack man was one of several Good Samaritans brave enough to run inside a burning plane last year to rescue injured passengers after a crash.

Shawn Nagurny will be in attendance at city hall Tuesday to be recognized for his “heroic and selfless” actions after an airplane went down in Richmond last November near his office.

“We’re recognizing the valour he showed during the rescue,” said Mayor Sharon Gaetz. “This man is a hero.”

Someone sent city officials a note about Nagurny, and his courageous role in helping the passengers of Northern Thunderbird Air Flight 204.

Nagurny and a couple of other rescuers worked to get the last passenger off the plane before it was engulfed in flames.

The pilot unfortunately succumbed to his injuries later that night.

Nagurny told media on the scene at the time, that he didn’t think about it at all, he just ran into the burning wreck to help out the people who were trapped. He faced the burning fuel and smoke without fear, although it later irritated his lungs.

“We wanted an opportunity to say thank you to Shawn in a public way on behalf of the community of Chilliwack,” Gaetz said.