‘Person of interest’ found by RCMP

Chilliwack RCMP have located a "person of interest" in their investigation into an alleged online child-luring attempt last November.

Chilliwack RCMP have located a “person of interest” in their investigation into  an alleged online child-luring attempt last November.

RCMP Const. Tracy Wolbeck said several public tips were received by police just hours after a picture of the person of interest was released to the media.

“We’ve found him,” she said. “We know where he is. We’ve made contact.”

She said police investigators will now interview the man “in an effort to further the investigation.”

The picture released by police is the same one that appeared on a YouTube video last November made by Chilliwack teens dressed as superheroes. The video alleged the man had answered an online invitation to have sex with a 15-year-old girl.

The video shows one of the teens dressed as Batman meeting a man in a Chilliwack playground and accusing him of being “a pedophile.”

The man in the video denies the accusation, saying he is meeting a friend.

The teens posted several similar encounters on their To Troll A Predator site.

The YouTube videos went viral, but the police went ballistic, saying the teens could find themselves in dangerous situations, and could possibly hamper ongoing police investigations into online sex predators.

Wolbeck confirmed the current police investigation “was initiated as a result of a November investigation involving the costumed young men,” but police still do not encourage this kind of pro-active public crime-fighting.

“Despite the results of the investigation, the RCMP does not condone any form of vigilantism,” Wolbeck said.