New software makes applying online a breeze

City staff have developed new software that streamlines the online job application system in Chilliwack

Applying for a job at the City of Chilliwack just got a little easier.

Staff developed new software that streamlined the online job application system, said Delcy Wells, deputy director of corporate services, in a report to council Tuesday.

The online upgrade “modernized all the features” at

“We’re making it very intuitive for the public so you don’t need a manual to apply for a position,” Wells said.

E-mailed, faxed or hand-delivered applications have to be physically distributed and placed in the proper competition file, which can be “labour intensive,” she said. They can also be provided in different formats, but this standardized the application forms.

With the online process, an applicant can visit the site, view the positions they may be interested in.

There’s a separate button to click to apply directly for the position, and one for typing in a cover letter. There’s another button to contact HR, and one to view local government job postings for the whole region.

It allows people to enter their resumés on the site, and store them there electronically, making it easier to apply for a various positions.

They can even sign up to receive a mailing list.

“It makes the process more environmentally friendly since we rely less on paper,” she said.

It enhances city communication with the public, and reduces the time taken reviewing unqualified applicants.

The upgrade is ultimately going to boost the efficiency of the human resources team, and it also projects a more professional and modern image for the City of Chilliwack.

Mayor Sharon Gaetz thanked staff for making it a more “streamlined” process than it’s ever been.