Move to Improve not cancelled, says Fraser Health

One-time funding has ended but Fraser Health working to help patients into different programs at Chilliwack YMCA

The Move to Improve Program was not “cancelled” by Fraser Health, a spokesperson said on Tuesday afternoon. The one-time funding for the program had just come to an end.

“All our clients who are currently enrolled in the program will be transitioned to other existing YMCA programs and will continue to receive services and support,” said Tasleem Juma, senior consultant with Fraser Health.

The Progress reported earlier this week on the cancellation of Move to Improve.

The YMCA said the free program regularly had about 30 participants, all of whom were referred into the program by Fraser Health professionals. It was developed specifically for the Chilliwack YMCA, who says it is working with registrants to find suitable programs for each of them.

Juma said the funding agreement was supposed to an end on March 31, but was extended until the end of June to help clients transition to other programs. She said ensuring clients receive appropriate services is important to Fraser Health, and they will continue to work with the YMCA to achieve that.

“The number of patients enrolled in the program each year has been very low and can be supported through other existing programs at the YMCA,” she added.

“New client referrals will be assessed through the Fraser Health rehab program and be assigned to appropriate services and programs, such as Community Redi. This program helps prepare our clients to receive rehab services in the community instead of the hospital.”

The YMCA has created a new program, called Fundamental Fitness, to replace the old Move to Improve initiative. It will be fee-based for non-members, but will be free for those with YMCA memberships.