Mayoralty candidate: Cam Hull

City of Chilliwack: Hull, Cam – Mayoralty candidate: Hull offers vision for Chilliwack

Cameron Hull.

Cameron Hull.

After much soul searching and being prodded by people I respect, I have decided to run for the office of Mayor of Chilliwack.

I believe we need a fresh vision for our city and we are at a time when people must have a clear choice.

I have a vision of a city:

That doesn’t tear down city landmarks.

Where we can revitalize our downtown without ripping down whole blocks and destroying small businesses.

Where we don’t allow a toxic waste facility on the banks of the Fraser

Where City council is transparent and accountable

That respects agriculture and the hard work of our farmers and ranchers. keeping land within the ALR

Where we grow at a reasonable rate without having to spend $18million on houses built on a landslide

Where we don’t spend $600,000 on a consultant to tell us what we already know about downtown

Where opportunity flourishes

Where people feel safe in the own city.