Lost ring leaves a hole

Chilliwack senior loses mother's engagement ring, purchased in 1919, on Nov. 9.

Patricia Izzard’s heart sunk when she looked down at her ring finger and saw her mother’s engagement ring gone.

The 82-year-old searched her car, searched her house, searched the two stores she’d been at that day, but nothing.

On the morning of Nov. 9, Izzard, who had been shopping at Fraser Valley Meats on Alexander Avenue and MTF on Vedder Road, lost her mother’s ring.

“One minute it was on my hand, or so I thought, then it wasn’t there anymore,” she said.

The 18-carat yellow gold ring has a rosette design featuring seven diamonds.

Izzard has no pictures of it, she never thought to take any, but she has a lifetime of memories of it.

The ring was purchased second hand from a pawn shop prior to Izzard’s parents getting married in 1919.

It was something Izzard always knew would be hers, being the only daughter of the family, but was a treasure she was never allowed to handle.

“That was a big no-no,” she said. “I wasn’t allowed to muck around with any of my mother’s jewelry.”

When it was willed to her 20 years ago, “I was tickled pink,” she said.

To lose it, was heartbreaking.

“It has great sentimental value,” she said.

If anyone has information regarding Izzard’s ring, contact local police.