Hip-hop group Alpha Omega drops beats in Chilliwack

Alpha Omega, featuring Prevail from legendary hip-hop group Swollen Members, is in Chilliwack Nov. 19.

Prevail (left) and Neph make up the hip-hop duo Alpha Omega. The two are in Chilliwack Nov. 19 promoting their newest EP The Outbreak.

Prevail (left) and Neph make up the hip-hop duo Alpha Omega. The two are in Chilliwack Nov. 19 promoting their newest EP The Outbreak.

Hip-hop duo Alpha Omega will be in Chilliwack Nov. 19 promoting their latest  EP, ‘The Outbreak’, set to be released Nov. 25.

Alpha Omega is a new hip-hop group featuring Swollen Members’ Prevail and Battle Axe Warriors’ Neph. ‘The Outbreak’ is the final EP in their trilogy.

“I am so proud of the latest Alpha Omega EP, ‘The Outbreak’. It’s heavy on many fronts, musically and vocally I feel we have made great strides as we push each other creatively,” said Prevail.

“Neph and I began this thematic trilogy with ‘The Concept’ and ‘The Strain’, all featuring original anime style artwork by Canadian illustrator Paul Lavalee. The combination of the graphics and the unique sound, thanks in large part to producer Tyler Durden, set Alpha Omega apart from the very jump. This series of EPs has set the marker for our upcoming recording sessions for next year’s full length album, which will feature live instrumentation and multiple cross collabs with other emcees and vocalists taking Alpha Omega to an even further level of artistry.”

The track listing for Alpha Omega’s ‘The Outbreak’ is as follows:

1. Stranger Things (prod. by Tyler / Steps Necessary)2. The Hangman (prod. by Tyler)3. Clockmaker (prod. by Tyler)4. 100 Yds (prod. by Tyler)5. CENTCOM (prod. by Tyler)6. Clay & Soil (prod. by Thump Science)

Prevail is one half of Swollen Members, one of Canada’s top-selling hip-hop acts of all time.

During Prevail’s career, Swollen Members amassed an impressive back-catalog of albums, sold more than a million albums worldwide, won four Juno Awards for Best Rap Recording, and won four Much Music Video Awards including wins for best rap video and best independent video.

Neph has emerged as a rising star in the Vancouver hip-hop scene, after he dropping his critically acclaimed EP ‘The Black Box’ to rave reviews.

Since their formation, Alpha Omega delivered a knock-out punch of intense wordplay and hypnotic beats that have quickly catapulted the group into the upper-echelon of the Canadian hip-hop scene.

Alpha Omega is at Main Street Nightclub Saturday, Nov. 19. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets $20 and available at the door or by calling Chasta Mcculloch at 604-316-9577.

NOTE: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated Prevail would be in Chilliwack with artists Kyprios, Prada West, Indelible, and J. Dohe for their West Coast Renaissance Tour. The Progress apologizes for the error and any confusion it may have caused.