Grow op neighbors help RCMP shut it down

Sharp-eyed neighbors played a key role in closing up a Young Road grow-op.

Vigilant neighbors helped local RCMP take down a grow op in the 9700 block of Young Road on April 4.

Police swooped in, search warrant in hand, seizing 240 plants and 25 pounds of dried marijuana. A 27-year-old Chilliwack man was arrested and will face a later court date.

Cst. Tracy Wolbeck called it a good example of how search warrants and tips from the public help.

“It is not possible under Canadian law for the police to simply enter a person’s home because they feel there might be something illegal going on,” she explained. “They need reasonable grounds to believe a crime is taking, or has taken, place.”

Over the last few months, people in the neighborhood had been voicing concerns about the house in question.

“This gives the police a starting point to begin gathering sufficient evidence to support a search warrant,” Wolbeck said. “Much of the evidence that goes into a search warrant comes to us from the public. If this information had not come into us from the public, there is a good chance that these drugs would have hit our streets.”

Anyone with info on possible grow-ops can call Chilliwack RCMP at 604-792-4611.