Free locks on offer in Chilliwack to prevent theft

Get a free steering wheel lock by bringing vehicle registration to: Chilliwack Community Policing Services, 45877 Wellington Avenue

They’re serious about preventing auto crime.

Free steering wheel locks are up for grabs for a few more days at the Chilliwack Community Policing office for local residents with older model vehicles.

“We want to help protect our customers in Chilliwack who own older vehicles as these vehicles are more at risk of being stolen,” said Mike Weightman, ICBC road safety coordinator for Chilliwack.

ICBC and Chilliwack RCMP joined forces this month to cut auto crime with Operation Lock Up, which distributes the free steering wheel locks.

It’s timely since vehicle theft and break-ins in Chilliwack increased eight and 10 per cent in 2012 over last year.

Local RCMP also recently warned Chilliwack residents about a rash of thefts of older model Dodge trucks.

Police enforcement and increased customer awareness since 2003, plus legislation requiring immobilizers in all new vehicles, has led to a significant reduction in overall auto crime in B.C.

“Operation Lock Up gives drivers in Chilliwack the tools they need to fight back against auto theft and crime, and prevent car thieves from targeting their vehicles,” said Shirley Bond, Minister of Justice and Attorney General.

The most common vehicles targeted by thieves in Chilliwack have been pre-2001 Honda Civics and pre-2008 Ford F-series pickup trucks.

Community police volunteers are handing out free locks, while supplies last, to local residents who own these targeted vehicles and other pre-2001 vehicles not equipped with an immobilizer.

Chilliwack residents can obtain a steering wheel lock by bringing their vehicle registration to: Chilliwack Community Policing Services, 45877 Wellington Avenue, Chilliwack from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday

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