It was the official launch Friday by Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) with Plug in BC

It was the official launch Friday by Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) with Plug in BC

Fanfare for first fast-charge EV station for Chilliwack

It was the official launch Friday by FVRD with Plug in BC for two fast charging stations for electric vehicles in Chilliwack and Boston Bar.

It’s the kind of thing that may decrease range anxiety for the growing number of electric vehicle owners.

It was the official launch Friday by Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) with Plug in BC, for two new “fast charge” stations in Chilliwack and Boston Bar for charging electric vehicles.

A fast charge takes about half an hour, not several hours.

“We are proud to join the growing network that offers EV charging at key destination points,” said FVRD chair Sharon Gaetz.

The speed of charging at these stations is an advantage, she said, it will hopefully spur new industry.

FVRD is making strides in environmental stewardship, and by partnering with BC Hydro and the province to add EV infrastructure, it furthers that aim.

Chilliwack MLA John Martin offered congratulations on the new charging stations, saying the move sets the standard for other communities.

“This is another milestone on the road to cleaner transportation.”

Mark Strahl called it a “great step” for Chillwack, and for Boston Bar, giving options for those who want to charge an electric car.

The stations are called fast charge because they can provide EV owners with an 80 per cent in about 30 minutes. Both public and home Level 2 stations take four to six hours to get to 80 per cent, as opposed to eight or more hours to fully charge a vehicle.

MLA Laurie Throness noted that electric vehicles have tremendous advantages.

“They are silent. They have tremendous torque and acceleration, they’re very efficient. You go from about a thousand moving parts in my gas-guzzling monster to about 20 in all in an electric vehicle.”

Most of B.C.’s power is clean, he said, and so are its fleets.

“What we’re doing today is a little kickstart to private industry. If private industry does not take it up, it won’t happen in a significant way.”

The new EV charging stations can be found in the parking area next to the regional district’s main office (45950 Cheam Avenue, Chilliwack) and on Highway 1 in Boston Bar (Canyon Lanes Bowling Alley).

The June 10 event also included a rally with a 20-minute drive around Chilliwack in their electric vehicle owners.

The fast-charging initiative by the Province of British Columbia, the Government of Canada, BC Hydro and various municipal and industry stakeholders to increase EV charging infrastructure in the Province.

Plug in BC is an initiative co-chaired by the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines and BC Hydro to lay the ground work for electric vehicles and infrastructure in British Columbia. It is a broad collaboration between the province, BC Hydro, Fraser Basin Council, several academic institutions, regional governments, and over 100 communities and businesses. Plug in BC has worked with communities across the province to develop an EV charging network that will increase EV adoption and tourism across the region while contributing to local economic and environmental sustainability.

The Government of Canada provided funding to the two fast-charging electric vehicle stations through its ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative.