Empty warehouse in Chilliwack prompts request for donations

Sally Ann officials say their shelves are bare and they need a little helping hand from Chilliwack

Food bank manager Don Armstrong stands before the empty pallets in the Chilliwack Salvation Army warehouse. They could use a little help now

The local Sally Ann is confounded by increased food bank use at a time when people are offering fewer donations.

“That is likely what explains the empty pallets,” said Tim Bohr, community ministries director of Salvation Army in Chilliwack.

They’re sending out a very simple message right now: Sally Ann won’t make it until Christmas if this trend continues with food bank donations.

“Normally these empty pallets would be stacked five levels high with banana boxes filled with food for the hungry,” he said.

The warehouse is where they store food supplies distributed to the public through food bank hampers.

“There are two reasons why we think this is happening.

“The first is that statistics show there’s been a steady increase in food bank usage. And the second thing is there has been a decrease in donations.”

They’re not sure why on that last one.

“But we notice it by looking at the empty warehouse.”

They are appealing to the public now to donate food and cash.

“It is the interim period right now before the Kettle Campaign at Christmas. We’re asking our regular donors to just be aware that we could use a little help.”

Food Bank and Soup Kitchen use:

2012 monthly average Food Bank Hampers distributed: 454

2013 monthly average: 469

2014 monthly average so far (end of September): 540

2010 Soup Kitchen total number of meals served: 31052

2012 Soup Kitchen total meals: 28732

2013 total: 27612

2014 projected total (based on current monthly average): 26921


If anyone wants to donate, the Top Ten Items needed for the Food Bank:

1.    Pasta

2.    Pasta Sauce

3.    Tuna Fish/Salmon

4.    Tinned Meats/Fruits

5.    Pork and Beans

6.    Chunky Soups (ready to eat)

7.    Tinned Lunches

8.    Peanut Butter

9.    Cold Cereal

10. Kraft Dinner

Other: Tin Fruits, Baby Food