Disappearing dogs in Rosedale

Chilliwack RCMP are investigating several reports of disappearing dogs in Rosedale.

Police say they have three reports of dogs-gone-missing over the past few months, but it’s difficult to say the dogs were really stolen if the owners don’t have proof of ownership.

“We need to find out why dogs are going missing, and who is responsible, if they are being stolen,” Cpl. Tammy Hollingsworth said.

The latest case involves a two-year-old Golden Lab named Roxy, who went missing from her Rosedale home on Feb. 28.

The dog was wearing a red collar, which was later found by the owner in the backyard, “which indicates to police that someone removed the collar and took her,” Hollingsworth said.

Police are urging dog owners to licence, tattoo and/or microchip their dogs to prove ownership.

For information on how to licence your dog, call the City of Chilliwack at 604-792-9311.

For information on lost pets, adoption and licencing call Animal Control at 604-795-4638.

For information on tattooing and microchipping call the Chilliwack SPCA at 604-823-6612.

Anyone with information about Roxy or any related tips should call the Chilliwack RCMP at 604-792-4611 or the Agassiz RCMP at 604-796-2211.