Disabled senior pleads for return of stolen scooter

A Chilliwack senior's motorized scooter was stolen while she was in hospital recovering from a car accident.

Chilliwack RCMP are reporting the “disturbing” theft of a senior’s motorized scooter designed for disabled persons.

But because the theft took place some time between Feb. 3 and March 10 when the 63-year-old victim was in hospital, police have no leads on possible suspects.

So police are asking anyone with information about the stolen scooter to give them a call.

“The motivation behind stealing an item like this is not monetary, it’s really just mean-spirited,” RCMP Const. Tracy Wolbeck said.

The victim is also pleading for the return the scooter that’s helped her get around for the last eight years.

Living with her disability is “awfully inconvenient” without the scooter, the victim told The Progress on Wednesday.

“I have a walker, but with the scooter I could get a few groceries,” she said.

The scooter also gave her a degree of independence that taxis just can’t replace.

“It’s awfully inconvenient to have to wait for somebody … and taxis still cost,” she said, even with the Taxi-Saver program.

The woman said she left her Wellington Avenue apartment in the care of friends while she was in hospital recovering from a car accident.

But they were away on vacation when she returned home, and she thought they might have moved the scooter, which further delayed reporting the theft to police.

Her mother’s gold wedding ring was also stolen.

The woman is hoping the ring and the scooter may yet be returned.

“Even if they’d drop it off and leave it in from of my place (on Wellington Avenue) or in a public place with a note on it, as long as I get it back it doesn’t matter,” she said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Chilliwack RCMP at 604-792-4611 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.