Development design not ‘fait accompli,’ says Canada Lands official

An open house on Wednesday, Nov. 7 will allow Canada Lands Company to collect feedback from the public on their early design ideas.

Chilliwack is invited to have a hand in the design of a mixed development on a 50-acre parcel of land near the Vedder River, east of Peach Road.

An open house is set for Wednesday, Nov. 7, to allow Canada Lands Company to collect feedback from the public on their early design ideas.

They’re also seeking name suggestions for the new development.

One of their stellar successes in the community, Garrison Crossing, an award-winning mixed development on the former Chilliwack military base, is virtually complete.

So the latest parcel in the southeast corner, bordered by Peach Road, the river, and Canada Education Park, and residences, is next up on the CLC drawing board.

It could become of the greenest developments in the city in terms of environmental sustainability, and that was part of the vision a decade ago. Now green construction is more mainstream, and is often used as a selling point, especially as energy costs continue to rise.

Whereas with Garrison Crossing the proud military history was carefully commemorated and woven into the design, the name, layout, and theme of the new development have yet to be determined.

“We’re not presenting the plan as a fait accompli,” said Randy Fasan, urban design and planning director for CLC.

There will be a range of residential forms from multi-family housing, to single homes, as well as town homes, and apartments. But the boundaries can change.

“It’s going to be a mix and it will vary depending on what we hear from folks at the open house.”

“We’re at the cartoon stage in a sense. We can turn it into whatever we collectively would like to see.”

In fact if residents show up in a tizzy about something, those concerns will likely be addressed at another open house event.

Canada Lands is not alone in its commitment to seeking public input, Fasan added.

“There are a number of developers across North American who do this. We’re humble enough to say we just can’t dream it up all on our own.

“It’s the citizens of Chilliwack who know where and what they want to live in.”

CLC public open house, Nov. 7, 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., 24 Normandy Drive, CLC offices/presentation centre. 604 824-5062.