Cultus Lake Park Board: Rose Turcasso

Cultus Lake Park Board: Turcasso, Rose – Park board director: Rose Turcasso committed to Cultus Lake

Rose Turcasso.

Rose Turcasso.

My name is Rose Turcasso and I’m running for Cultus Lake Parks Board Commissioner in what I believe is a monumental and historical time of progress for Cultus Lake. I quickly developed an attachment to Cultus Lake when I first came here in 2002 and felt akin to the lake as it is reminiscent of my hometown, Fernie, B.C.

Fernie has 4,500 residents but it too has a small resort town sense where the people feel as though they are part of a community of friends.  I am the youngest of 5 children to parents who immigrated to Canada from Italy after the war in hopes of a better life.

In school I played every sport possible and learned early on how to be a team player. I was brought up with strong family values including honesty and integrity. I’m sure my upbringing and strong values in ethics and the truth directed me to my 26 year career as a Police Officer with Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I was heavily involved during my career in Community Consultative Groups and Community Policing. In Chilliwack at the Pacific Region Training Centre I Supervised our new members posted to B.C. monitoring their progress during their probationary period and dealing with disciplinary issues. I have volunteered throughout my life between; High School Politics as Prime Minister to 700 students, playing drums in the Church band in Williams Lake to Vice President of my Strata in Chilliwack, the St. John’s Ambulance Dog Therapy Program with my Border Collie amongst many other organizations and events.

I knew upon retiring from my career that I wanted to be a full time laker and feel privileged to live here amongst so many kind and genuine people.  Cultus Lake to me is a little piece of heaven that needs protecting and nurturing with hard work and a strong moral conviction.

I would be honored to represent the community at large as a board member and to promote open and bilateral communication between the lease holders and the board.