Council candidate: Phillip Maxwell

City of Chilliwack: Maxwell, Phillip – council candidate: Maxwell seeks support in council bid

My name is Phillip Maxwell, and I have decided to run for a spot on the Chilliwack City Council in the Nov 2014 election.

My wife and I moved to Chilliwack in 1997 so we could raise our family without the hustle and bustle of big city life and haven’t regretted it one bit.

I have two wonderful girls, ages 11 and 21. My youngest loves her school and everything the city has to offer an eleven year old. My eldest daughter is now a LPN and instead of moving away from the city she now works in Chilliwack helping to support our seniors.

Prior to moving to Chilliwack, I spent time as an active member of the Board of Directors and President of a large co-operative housing complex in Burnaby.

My background is in management for which I hold diplomas in Information Technology (programmer analysis/eCommerce), Pharmacy Technician and Medical Office Administration. I am currently between jobs, and weighing the options of going back to University to get my degree in business management.

Up until now my involvement in the community has been restricted to being one of the administrators on the “Beware! You Need to Know” Chilliwack Facebook group, but after seeing the concerns, posts and comments from the 6500 plus members over the last year or so and the effect that this group can do to change people I have decided it was time for me to step up and try to do my part and running for City Council is the next logical step.

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Twitter: @Phil_Maxwell