Council candidate: Michael Kha

City of Chilliwack: Kha, Michael – council candidate: Kha wants to bring positive influence to council

Michalel Kha.

Michalel Kha.

Michael is passionate about our community, and everything related.

Born and raised in Chilliwack, he has watched Chilliwack grow from a small town into a beautiful city with countless potential. He currently works full-time as an IT Consultant with various business professionals on a daily basis and is constantly involved within the community. From taking part in Star FM’s kindness crew, which spreads random acts of kindness throughout the city, to teaching social media classes to business professionals – Michael is proud to be a positive influence within the community.

He has earned a diploma in Information Technologies and is now working on the last year of his BA degree in History and Political Science at UFV. Michael also proudly volunteers his time with the elderly, teaching them basic computer and smart phone skills so that they can keep up to date with their family. In addition, you will find him on the Unsworth Parent Advisory Council as the President/Vice President for the 4rd year, as well as an IT Consultant to The Upper Fraser Valley Crime Stoppers.

Today, I am a 33 year old father to two young boys, ages 7 and 5, and a husband to a very understanding woman who is supporting me and my dream of being involved in politics. Politics to me is a way of thinking, and being a family man I want to ensure a good future for my family and yours. I believe in being open-minded to progressive concepts, the trans-formative power of gratitude and I know for sure that life is what you make of it.

I embrace smart soulful conversations and the sizzle and spark of community.

I believe wholeheartedly that life means bringing ALL of ourselves to the table and taking action to creating a place that is able nourish and provide us with opportunities to grow, as an individual and as a society. We all deserve to live an extraordinary life.

I’m so glad you are here. Let’s leave an imprint on Chilliwack together, and move this city forward for the better.