Council candidate: Chris Kloot

City of Chilliwack: Kloot, Chris – city council: Chris Kloot eyes role on council

Today I announced my candidacy for city council. Being born and raised in Chilliwack, raising my family

here, working and investing in this great community I am incredibly passionate about Chilliwack …. And I

want to give back. Now is the time.

I have never shied away from hard work. Rather I have embraced it head on. I am a successful

businessman and REALTOR in the community, and I also own a poultry farm together with my wife and 3

sons. I am proud of my involvement in the agricultural and business environment.

Being a current member on the city’s Agricultural Advisory Committee, I appreciate the time, energy and

effort it takes to continue to make this great community grow and prosper. I want to be part of that, to

guide, shape and navigate this great city of ours for the next 4 years.

Together as a community we will grow. We will prosper. With a vote for me you will vote for prudent

and strong leadership. Now is the time. More information will follow in the coming days and weeks.