Council candidate: Brigida Crosbie

City of Chilliwack: Crosbie, Brigida – council candidate: Crosbie wants to be a voice for all

Brigida Crosbie.

Brigida Crosbie.

My name is Brigida Crosbie, I moved to Beautiful Chilliwack in 1986, from Toronto, Ontario and have since called Chilliwack my home. I have worked at Chilliwack Hospital for almost 29 years. I worked as an LPN with my medications course and I now work in Communications.

I have 4 Children. Two of which are still living at home and are in Senior High School.

My love for helping others started when I was in high school. I was School Spirit representative on student council in grades 10, 11, and 12. During that time putting together Christmas feed fundraisers.

In 1994, I opened a store called Neat Repeats at Southgate shopping center. Through my store, Social Services would send people over with vouchers that I donated for those that were in need of clothing and shoes. It also included helping women going back into the workforce after divorce or domestic violence and helping children in foster care and whose parents were low income, as well as the homeless.

Two years after opening Neat Repeats, I started Coats for Kids in Chilliwack. ( that was 16 years ago ). Collecting clothes, coats, boots, hats, gloves, and blankets. To give to those in need in our own community.

I have been an advocate for children with Autism, as my older daughter was diagnosed with Autism by Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill Hospital at the age of three. I have been and continue to be an advocate for the Homeless and for Domestic Violence survivors as well as Anti-bullying, Special Olympics and the Canadian Cancer Society.

I have sat on the Board of Directors for both the Autism Society in Vancouver and for Chilliwack Special Olympics as their fundraiser.

I am concerned that the people don’t have a voice, that their voices are not heard and that their voice should be heard for a prosperous inclusive Chilliwack.

I will be a voice for all people!