Corn shuckers show up en masse to break record in Chilliwack

It won't be confirmed until Guinness World Record officials say so, but it looks like Chilliwack is in good shape to blow away the record.

More than 600 people showed up to break the Guinness world record for corn shucking in Central Community Park on Friday.

It was a unique way for Chilliwack radio station 98.3 Star-FM to celebrate its 85th anniversary during the Party in the Park kickoff.

“We can’t say it officially yet, but we believe we broke the world record,” said Star program manager Theresa Laynes.

They are thrilled with the huge turnout of about 600. The exact number will not be known until the package of evidence from the Chilliwack attempt is accepted by Guinness officials.

The old world record of people shucking corn at the same time, was 351, set last year in Buena Park, California at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Locally, attempt organizers had to use three different counting methods, including the scanning of event participant bibs. Strict rules were in place for entering and leaving the site. Some participants had to be disqualified by “stewards” for not adhering to regulations.

“It was just amazing,” said Laynes on Monday morning. “We’re so pleased. Not too many people get to attempt to break world record.”

They had to submit photos of the park, and a site plan in advance. Now they are assembling the visual evidence in photo and video form, as well as an aerial view of the huge crowd. The world record shucking attempt was pulled off with the help of 20 stewards, as well as RCMP, who acted as official witnesses to the attempt.

The corn — about 1000 cobs — was donated by Hofstedes Country Barn.

It was a little tricky sourcing the necessary volume that event organizers needed to attempt the record, said Hofstedes owner Richard Procee.

He had to go to a California grower to get it, and it arrived and was chilling in a cooler the day before the big event.

“I wish it had been local, but I was glad to pitch in. Kudos to Star-FM for doing this,” he added.