Conservative survey unwanted

I found the recent survey from Conservative MP Mark Strahl offensive and lacking integrity for three reasons

  • May. 29, 2013 8:00 a.m.

I recently received a survey from you asking a few questions about my opinion on taxes and spending, resource development, the long gun registry, and your performance and that of the Conservative Party. I found the survey offensive and lacking integrity, because:

1. It was clearly meant as propaganda, using phrases such as “The Liberal and Ottawa NDP opposition have made it clear that they oppose responsible resource development…”. Yet you introduce it as a non-partisan survey, which one should expect to be free of such inflammatory political language.

2. According to your letter, my personal information was obtained from Elections Canada. I consider receiving partisan mail from my Elections Canada records to be a violation of my privacy. If I wanted Conservative Party mailings, I would have signed up for it with the Conservative Party.

3. You used government mail free of postage to send the survey. A political message lightly disguised as a parliamentary survey is a misuse of this privilege. The Conservative Party should use its own funds to send political messages.

I will be filing a complaint with Commissioner of Canada Elections and the privacy commissioner due to the misuse of my personal information.

I expected better of you when I voted for you.

Matthew Fox