Civic group gets going in Chilliwack

ACT Chilliwack is out to boost civic engagement and enhance democracy, say organizers

The inaugural meeting of ACT Chilliwack on Tuesday drew 23 people to Decades to talk about civic issues like the state of the downtown, said organizer Jennifer Woodroff.

“We’re coming together to build something new,” she told the crowd.

There are no plans to run a slate of candidates in the upcoming municipal election however, nor is there interest in provincial or federal elections either, she said.

The goal is helping out elected officials in Chilliwack in constructive ways.

“We also want to enhance local democracy by involving more people in the process,” she says.

Of the 23 who showed up, several were youth, which is positive, she said.

“We seek authentic dialogue; a platform for the free exchange of ideas and opinions,” Woodroff said. “These are achievable goals and we hope we are able to move toward realizing them through education and honest public engagement.”

Glen Thompson from Friends of the Chilliwack River Valley also spoke about the proposed Cannor Road recycling plant for hazardous waste, and the public forum set for Saturday, Jan. 18, at 2 p.m. in Evergreen Hall.