City of Chilliwack provided some tips on dealing with a flooded basement, or flooded garage like the one pictured here after record rains in November 2021. (Lisa Morry/Facebook screenshot)

City of Chilliwack offers tips on what to do when the basement floods

City pump stations are working at full capacity to help with drainage

With record-breaking rain and high-water levels this week in storm drainage systems, there was a deluge of flooded basements in Chilliwack.

“All creeks are currently flowing at very high levels, which is preventing storm water from being able to drain out of urban storm water drainage systems. City pump stations are working at full capacity to help with drainage,” according to City of Chilliwack in a notice on Dec. 1.

City crews were out patrolling local culverts, drainage ditches, clearing blockages, and dealing with localized flooding in both internal ditch and storm drainage systems.

Tips for anyone dealing with water coming in the basement:

• If you have flooding in your basement, shut off power to the basement;

• Never enter a flooded area while power is on;

• Circuit breakers are usually in a convenient location, like a garage;

• Call a qualified electrician before entering the flooded room if you aren’t sure how to shut areas off.

It’s crucial to find a way to remove or pump the water out.

“Depending on the amount of water, you can use a sump pump, a pool pump, a wet/dry vacuum, or a mop and bucket. Wear boots and gloves for protection. Ensure floor drains are not blocked.”

Once the water is gone, dry out the area. Use dehumidifiers and fans to circulate air, and discourage the growth of mould and mildew. Position dehumidifiers at least six to eight inches away from walls.

City staff created a page of flood related resources

Additional cleanup tips, information on managing risks, and making insurance claims are available on the province’s website:

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