Chilliwack teachers won’t be walking out next week

Chilliwack teachers will be in class all week next week as the BCTF opted to hold off on a province-wide vote until its AGM on March 17.

Chilliwack parents have no need to fret about finding additional childcare next week – teachers will not be walking out.

The BC Teachers’ Federation decided not to hold a province-wide vote on Friday regarding the union’s next steps, but rather to defer further decisions to the membership as a whole at the annual general meeting on March 17.

According to the Labour Relations Board ruling, teachers could have legally walked out one day a week following their three-day strike as long as the provincial government’s Bill 22 legislation hasn’t yet been passed.

But because many school districts in the province will be starting a two-week spring break next week, whereas others don’t start until the following week, the logistics for some teachers walking out and others not didn’t make sense, said Chilliwack Teachers’ Association president Katharin Midzain.

(Chilliwack school district’s one-week spring break starts March 19.)

The teachers’ federation debated for nine hours Thursday night before coming to that decision.

And so, next week, Chilliwack teachers will be in the classroom.

However, they will continue with phase 1 job action, which means teachers will not be supervising recess or before and after school. They will also not attend administrative meetings, and report cards will not be written.