Chilliwack sketch, digital artist earning international acclaim

Chilliwack artist Davis Graham, also known as Pencil Fingerz, is hosting an art show and fundraiser on June 25.

Chilliwack artist Davis Graham

Chilliwack artist Davis Graham

Davis Graham, also known as Pencil Fingerz, is hosting an art show on June 25.

This 21-year-old visual artist, born and raised in Chilliwack, has been drawing detailed pencil portraits since age seven. Graham’s professional career as an artist first took off after high school when rapper Rittz used one of his pencil portraits as album artwork.

Since picking up digital painting and graphic design, Pencil Fingerz has worked with musicians from all over the world, including multiple album covers for The Underacheivers, merchandise design for Yelawolf, cover work for Rittz and more.

At the end of 2015, Graham was commissioned by Complex magazine to create four promotional pieces of art for Broadway musical, The Wiz! Live, which aired on NBC.

As he continues to grow his resume, Pencil Fingerz invites the public to join him and five artists peers for the upcoming art show. This is the third gallery show that he’s organized, which serves not only to promote young artists from Chilliwack, but also to support the Chilliwack Food Bank.

Pencil Fingerz will be showcasing professional work that he’s created for the past two years for artists including The Underacheivers, CJ Fly, Rittz, Yelawolf, Mick Jenkins, Kirk Knight, Complex Magazine and more.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to view the work of Cassidy Harms, Ashely Lord, RJ Bruni of Inmist Media House, Davis Leflur (Leflruk), and Dani Ruschke.

The June 25 show runs from 5 to 9 p.m. in the O’Connor Group Art Gallery at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre. Beer and wine will be served. Entry is by donation of non-perishable food or money for the Chilliwack Food Bank.

Visit Pencil Fingerz on Facebook for more details.


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