People take advantage of a snow day near Twin Rinks in Chilliwack on Monday. Due to icy conditions

People take advantage of a snow day near Twin Rinks in Chilliwack on Monday. Due to icy conditions

Chilliwack schools closed Friday due to winter storm

Chilliwack public school students have had four snow days this week, as city copes with unusually high snowfall and ice storm

Chilliwack students have had an unusual school week.

Both Monday and Tuesday, schools were closed due to an unusual accumulation of snow. More than the annual average of snow fell in just four days, throwing school district maintenance and custodial workers into snow removal gear.

School was back in on Wednesday, although bus service wasn’t offered. Many elementary school kids were reportedly kept home as families struggled to get their cars off side streets. Those walking to school were mostly left to walk on roads, as sidewalks have not been thoroughly cleared even in areas close to schools.

An ice storm overnight on Wednesday led to schools again being closed on Thursday. And at about 2 p.m. Thursday, the district announced the kids have yet another day off on Friday.

The message reads:

“This message is to confirm that Chilliwack SD#33 will be closing its schools and sites for Friday, February 10, 2017 for students, staff and all activities.

There were significant amounts of freezing rain that fell overnight, creating icy conditions throughout Chilliwack and continuing to cause unsafe conditions at our schools and sites.

Our Maintenance staff continue to work hard to address the immediate priorities that have arisen, however, we know that we cannot have all schools and sites ready for students and staff.”

As Monday, Feb. 13 is a stat holiday, Family Day, school won’t be back in session now until next Tuesday.

UFV also struggled with snow accumulation and student safety this week. While they briefly opened on Wednesday, the campuses closed in the early afternoon due to the approaching winter storm.

School districts across the Fraser Valley have stayed mostly closed all week.