Chilliwack preparing to move forward

Building capacity for future development through a series of commercial, industrial, and residential practices

Economist Ryan Berlin

Economist Ryan Berlin

Key factors to stimulate growth and change in Chilliwack’s downtown core — such as mixed-use development and effective density — are going under the microscope.

Economist Ryan Berlin, an expert in demographics, is coming to Chilliwack shortly to present some ideas at the ‘Chilliwack Moving Forward 2014-2040’ event at the Cultural Centre on Oct. 3.

Berlin will zero in on how to start building capacity for future Chilliwack development through a series of commercial, industrial, and residential practices.

Following Ryan Berlin’s presentation, Walas Concepts’ reps will present on innovative practices in integrated development, founded on a belief

“that a coherent complex of physical, structural and above all socio-economic conditions allow a city to develop a vital and dynamic community of urban life.”

Preserving authentic components of Chilliwack’s urban core are part of the Walas approach. Mixed use, effective density and diversity are considered the “keys to success.”

It’s a holistic approach to redevelopment, uniting real estate, business, and the larger community.

Walas Concepts is a consulting group with offices in Vancouver, and in the Netherlands, specializing in the revitalization of downtowns with a glut of vacant buildings. Walas will focus on business development and attraction in the downtown, as well as boosting commercial occupancy.

Chilliwack – Moving Forward 2014-2040 is presented by CEPCO and CADRED, Oct. 3, Cultural Centre, $35 +tax and including lunch featuring A Taste of Chilliwack.

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