Sunlight breaks through on Chilliwack Mountain Sunday morning.

Sunlight breaks through on Chilliwack Mountain Sunday morning.

Chilliwack blanketed in snow

Nearly 48 centimetres of snow has now fallen in Chilliwack over a five-day period.

Chilliwack woke up to a winter wonderland Sunday morning as snow that began to fall on Saturday continued in earnest overnight.

Nearly 28 centimetres of the white stuff fell between 5:30 Saturday evening and 7 a.m. Sunday morning, said Roger Pannett, volunteer weather observer for Environment Canada.

That brought the total accumulation for December to 47.8 cm – snow that fell over a five-day period.

The 30-year average for a five-day snowfall is 37 cm, Pannett said.

“We are getting buried here in Chilliwack,” he said.

The snowfall prompted a request by the City of Chilliwack to stay off the roads. (See related story.) Several church services were also cancelled.

The snow began falling on Dec. 8 with just 4 cm. That was followed by 9.8 cm on Dec. 9 and another 31.8 on Dec. 10.

Not only has it been snowy, it’s been cold, Pannett added. Saturday was the fourth consecutive day with sub zero temperatures.

Temperatures were expected to ease slightly on Sunday, turning the snowfall to rain. However, flurries are forecast to pick up again overnight.

The colder weather will return on Monday, with overnight temperatures forecast to plunge to minus 11 on Tuesday.

It is also expected to be windy, bringing the possibility of blowing snow in open areas.

Watch for updates.