Chiefs Cochrane anticipates August return

Chilliwack Chiefs forward Tanner Cochrane says an ankle injury won't keep him off the ice when training camp starts in August.

Injured Chilliwack Chiefs forward Tanner Cochrane is in better shape than originally thought, and plans on being fully functional for training camp in August.

The 19-year-old was pushed awkwardly into the boards during game five of Chilliwack’s first round playoff series against Prince George.

Things looked bad at the time, and doctors needed the swelling to subside before they could fully assess the damage.

“At first I was told it was a really bad sprain, and it took a couple more doctors to really figure it out,” Cochrane said. “What happened was I tore a ligament off the bone, which made the leg and ankle bones shift.”

Cochrane heard a pop when he plowed into the boards, and in the moments that followed he couldn’t feel his foot.

“It was very scary, because I knew something was wrong,” he said.

Cochrane had surgery Tuesday afternoon, getting screws inserted to keep the bones in place.

He’s looking at a lengthy rehab that starts with staying off the ankle for six weeks. Then it’s one step at a time.

But he’s been told by his orthopedic specialist that he should be good to go by August.

“I think we left a lot of things unfinished, and everyone, myself included, will be coming in with a ‘prove ourselves’ mindset,” he said.