Campaign disclosures including Chilliwack candidates released for 2014

To see all election details, the public can review the campaign documents scanned and posted at

Rookie city councillor Sam Waddington earned the most votes of any other council candidate in last November’s election, 8680, but he also ponied up the most cash for his election campaign.

Waddington’s total expenditures were listed as $17151, according to Elections BC documents, eclipsing totals spent each of the 16 other candidates running for a seat.

Just for comparison with other successfully elected councillors, Coun. Jason Lum (7842 votes) spent $12014 on total expenditures, Coun. Chris Kloot (4916) spent $10526, Coun. Ken Popove (7548) listed $9250, while Coun. Chuck Stam (7132) spent $8853, and Coun. Sue Attrill (6027), $7251.

Looking at figures from some of the also-rans for a council seat, for example both Brigida Crosbie (1133 votes)  and Richard Williams (619) listed expenditure totals at zero, while Dick Harrington (3,030) spent $15,447, Patti Macahonic (3783) listed $8194, and Kim Harder (3620), spent $5148.

These are just a few of the figures revealed in disclosure statements in the wake of the 2014 municipal elections held last November.

One mayoral candidate – who dropped out of the race very early and was not on the ballot – did not file as required by Elections BC within the required 90 days after voting day.

Mayoral candidate Jason Kramer is on the list for not filing, but the information can still be filed by Monday, March 16 with a late filing fee of $500.

While incumbent Sharon Gaetz spent $10809 to get reelected to serve a third term, the campaign netted about the same in donations, almost half were from individual donations and the other half from corporations.

Third place Mayoral candidate Raymond Cauchi spent $260 on his campaign, while second place candidate Cam Hull spent $1575.

Disclosure statements of 2014 candidates, elector organizations and third party advertising sponsors were made available for public inspection at Elections BC, Suite 100 – 1112 Fort Street, and on the Elections BC website (