California roll for Cheam Vaulters

Chilliwack's Cheam Vaulters tackled the highest level of international competition at the CVI Pacific Cup in Gilroy, California.

Seven members of the Cheam Vaulters equestrian vaulting club competed in California July 12-14 at the CVI Pacific Cup, a competition officially recognized by the International Equestrian Federation.

Elite athletes progressed through three categories known as 1*, 2* and 3*.

Cassie Sponchia competed in the 1* U-18 class, finishing eighth with a score of 6.102, exceeding the requirements to progress to 2*.

Teammate Taylor Eamor was solid in her international debut as an individual vaulter.

Also at the 1* level, Alisa Schmidt-Anema and Darla Ricka competed in the pairs  event, placing second and earning the qualifying scores necessary to progress to the 2* level.

Cheam’s Radiance performed a four-minute routine in the 2* division.

Team members Sponchia, Eamor, Schmidt-Anema,  Haigen Pavan, Ali McKitrick and Samantha Kennedy earned a second place finish.

At the highest level  (3*), Schmidt-Anema placed ninth in the individual class, performing an outstanding freestyle routine with technique scores above 8.0.