Green Party of BC Chilliwack candidate Kim Reimer

Green Party of BC Chilliwack candidate Kim Reimer

Anti-chlorination advocate runs for Green Party of BC

Kim Reimer is running for the Green Party of BC, Chilliwack riding, after her work with the anti-chlorination movement.

One of the driving forces of the anti-chlorination movement is now running for the Green Party of BC in the Chilliwack riding in the May election, after what she feels is a “railroading” by Fraser Health of the local community voice.

Photographer and activist Kim Reimer has thrown her name into the ring just days after Chilliwack pumped its water system full of chlorine, to be on indefinitely, despite intense opposition.

“There’s a lot of disatisfied people in the community, obviously spurred on by the chlorination, feeling like they don’t have a voice, there’s no democratic process. I want to be that voice for people,” says Reimer.

Reimer started the ultra successful website and petition, which has so far received 4,470 signatures. Her activism with chlorination has gone beyond not wanting her family to drink chlorinated water.

“It evolved into how we were railroaded with this decision by Fraser Health and that the people of the city had absolutely no say over the matter,” she says.

In terms of political experience, Reimer has “none at all,” but never planned to go into political office before this.

“I never thought it for myself,” she says.

But she loves a challenge, recognizes she has a lot to learn, and believes she has already demonstrated her commitment to this community.

“I’ve shown I’m really willing to get up and stand up for the people of Chilliwack.

Reimer will lean on the Green Party’s standard platform issues, such as working closer with aboriginal communities, protecting salmon stocks, and weighting more power onto local governments.

“Those are some of the things I’m very passionate about, and obviously I still have a lot to learn.”

She believes the Green Party are best-placed to lead the Chilliwack riding.

“It is the only party that is really looking to the future of the province. A sustainable future. Besides the environmental aspects of the platform, it just makes sense. Fifty, a hundred years from now, or even ten, twenty years from now, we need the province to be able to sustain the future for our children and our grandchildren.”

Reimer has no set campaign or fundraising plan yet.

“My campaign is low budget, but that doesn’t mean I’m just a name on the ballot. I’m going to be doing a lot of door-to-door campaigning, and lots of social media and online campaigning,” says Reimer.

She recieved the go-ahead from the provincial party office a few days ago.